7 large, highly funded startups with equity crowdfunding on StartEngine

I have written numerous articles on private investment (also known as equity crowdfunding) on ​​platforms like Start the engine. There are some great advantages to equity crowdfunding that you should be aware of. This is a great way to build a diversified investment portfolio with relatively small investments in interesting companies. Private investing, however, is very risky and it is important to exercise due diligence.

With risk comes the potential for high returns, however. You can step into the exciting world of private investing and start generating attractive risk-adjusted returns by investing a small amount of capital in crowdfunding campaigns to test the waters.

Here are seven highly funded crowdfunding startups that are worth your time on StartEngine:

  • Cheers
  • Beanstox
  • Teammate
  • Zeehaus Inc.
  • A ROQ Spirits
  • Camp365

Crowdfunding in highly funded actions: cheers

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Cheers makes products that help you feel better and support your liver after drinking alcohol, calling themselves an alcohol-related health company. Cheers has generated over $ 25 million in revenue to date, and most importantly, the company made a profit of over $ 1.7 million in 2020.

The side effects of alcohol consumption are well known and unpleasant. But drinking can be enjoyable with caution, which Cheers wants to make easier. Cheers uses a patented formula made from a natural plant extract called dihydromyricetin (DHM), which has unique properties. This extract has anti-alcoholic properties that reduce physical impairments the day after alcohol consumption.

Cheers offers a variety of products, including capsules and drinks, as well as a new drink that rehydrates you after drinking alcohol. According to Cheers, “the market opportunity for an alcohol-related health category could be $ 9 billion.”

The company’s goal is that wherever alcohol is sold, so are its products. Cheers is focused on strengthening its retail presence and expanding its product line. There are plans to launch a whole new brand based on sugar-free hydration products.

Minimum investment in Cheers is $ 117.33.


An abstract illustration of an adult wearing an AR / VR headset.

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AEXLAB is a virtual reality technology company ready to make virtual reality a first-class social and gaming experience. Augmented reality and virtual reality are rapidly gaining ground.

AEXLAB has identified one problem that it wants to solve: There is a lot of growth in the VR market, but there is a lack of quality VR game content. According to AEXLAB, “VR gaming is a multi-billion dollar global market. “

AEXLAB’s business model provides multiple sources of revenue, including revenue from game sales, esports, and licensing.

If you are excited about the innovation and growth of VR and want to be a part of it, then minimum investment in AEXLAB is $ 100.

Crowdfunding in highly funded actions: Beanstox

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Beanstox is an application that promises users “a really simple investment”. Investing can be simple, complex, frustrating or exciting. The simplicity of investing and trading is always nice. Complicated investment decisions don’t necessarily surpass simple decisions.

Beanstox makes investing easier and simpler. How? ‘Or’ What? The app provides help with personalized portfolios and automated recurring investments for a monthly subscription of $ 5.

Shark aquarium Host Kevin O’Leary is the president, co-owner and brand ambassador of Beanstox. Beanstox is based on the idea that small, regular and regular investments can make a difference over time. Over time, these investments add up and can generate returns through the power of compounding. Your investments over months and years can withstand market fluctuations and generate income to cover your retirement needs.

According to Beanstox, “the robo-advice market is expected to manage more than $ 16 trillion in assets soon.”

Beanstox offers both automated investments and wealth building. As a financial analyst, I admit that I am not a fan of the robo-advisory market. I prefer active investing. Corn if you want to invest in Beanstox, know that the minimum investment is $ 250.


A photograph of rain droplets on a concrete surface.

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Aquipor wants to provide a solution to climate change and support green infrastructure in urban areas. How? ‘Or’ What?

Aquipor has developed advanced surface technology to naturally manage stormwater. The company says the United States will spend $ 1 trillion on infrastructure over the next decade, with a focus on green technologies.

An undesirable result of the ongoing mass urbanization is that under heavy rains, urban flooding in American cities is increasingly likely. This is a great threat as tons of storm water, sewage and untreated sewage tend to pollute clean water resources. If this rainwater is not captured, the risk is then great of not recharging the water tables or of reconstituting the aquifers.

Aquipor has developed a permeable concrete technology that allows a more natural flow of water during heavy rainfall, thus avoiding the risk of flooding and at the same time removing dirt or debris often present in stormwater. Aquipor’s technology can support solutions in the engineering and construction markets with urban infrastructure development applications.

Minimum investment in Aquipor is $ 250.25.

Highly Funded Equity Crowdfunding: Zeehaus Inc.

Hands holding a miniature house and keys

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Zeehaus is an online platform that is revolutionizing real estate to be more accessible to everyone. It turns real estate into an investment like stocks with investments as small as $ 100. The company plans to solve the housing crisis by reducing the costs of owning a home.

This can be achieved through a combination of fractional ownership and blockchain technology. It makes real estate more transparent and accessible by securely converting real estate into shares.

The Zeehaus platform connects real estate buyers with investors. These parties share both equity and expenses, reducing the significant costs associated with real estate ownership.

The idea of ​​equity sharing makes buying a home affordable for more people. Buyers only need 5% equity and share all expenses with investors. There are no mortgages and the business model generates multiple sources of income, including referral fees, financing and application fees, trustee fees, and management fees.

You can invest in Zeehaus with a minimum investment of $ 240.

A ROQ Spirits

a row of glass liquor bottles to represent sin stocks

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ONE ROQ Spirits is a premium alcohol lifestyle brand manufacturer with a membership community providing deeper integration and ownership to supporters.

This lifestyle brand offers a membership with many perks, including a concierge for orders and gifts, discounts and a VIP experience for special events.

The company has traction so far; you’ll be happy to know that “in 2020, ONE ROQ became the cover of Food & Beverage magazine, became # 1 in vodka sales on US online spirits retailer, 1-877-Spirits.com.

ONE ROQ Spirits wants its shareholders to become owners of the brand at a time when the global alcohol market is booming and vodka is a spirit much appreciated by consumers.

The traction for ONE ROQ is already here, with a rapidly growing member base and plenty of media features and rewards. The company aims to expand its membership and achieve sales of 50,000 to 100,000 cases after approximately five years. Investing in UN ROQ is a bet on the future growth of the global alcoholic beverages market.

Minimum investment in UN ROQ is $ 100.19.

Crowdfunding in highly funded actions: Camp365

a couple have breakfast at a campsite

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Camp365 has created a smart and efficient solution for a motorhome that can go anywhere. It is designed to be easily transportable, creating a unique lifestyle experience.

Some of the advantages of this cabin are that it is light, compact, portable, can accommodate six people and makes very good use of the available space with over 700 cubic feet of living space. It folds down into a smaller size that is more convenient for travel. Towing a conventional motorhome to your destination can be an anxiety-provoking experience that this system eliminates.

Camp365 was designed with aerodynamics in mind, so it moves easily. With a total weight of less than 1,500 pounds, it is easy to tow with almost any vehicle. Its heavy aluminum construction is ideal for rough terrain and its optional wheelbase makes it easy to store in a garage. It is also customizable with several options, such as kitchen equipment, showers, and custom beds.

According to Camp365, “Global RV and RV retail revenues totaled approximately $ 42 billion in revenue in 2019 with a projected CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 7% through 2025 , and the strongest growth in light and ultra-light towable products. ”It is a large and growing market.

Minimum investment in Camp365 is $ 237.25.

As of the publication date, Stavros Georgiadis, CFA does not have (directly or indirectly) any position in the securities mentioned in this article. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, subject to the publication guidelines of InvestorPlace.com.

Stavros Georgiadis is a CFA Chartered Equity Research Analyst and Economist. He focuses on US stocks and has his own stock blog at thestockmarketontheinternet.com/. He has written various articles for other publications in the past and can be contacted on Twitter and on LinkedIn.

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