Advisors according to their committee appointments

The full list of nominations, which are in place until October 17, 2022, is below.

Appointments to committees reporting directly to the Board

Administrative and legislative review committee: Councilor A. McGrogan, President; advisor A. Knodel, vice-president; Councilor R. Robins

Audit committee: advisor D. Hirsch, president; advisor S. Sharps, vice-president; Councilor A. McGrogan

Corporate Services Committee: Councilor R. Dumanowski, President; advisor S. Sharps, vice-president; Councilor C. Hider

Energy & Infrastructure Committee: Councilor A. Van Dyke, President; councilor R. Dumanowski, vice-president; Councilor A. McGrogan

Public Services Commission: Councilor R. Robins, President; Councilor A. Van Dyke, Vice-President; Councilor A. Knodel

Special appointments

Civic functions: Councilor A. Knodel

Entre-Corp community development: B. Mastel, general manager

Autoroute 3 Public Services Twinning Association: Councilor D. Hirsch

Regional Drainage Committee: Councilor A. Van Dyke

Representation of the City on other councils, committees and commissions

Canadian Badlands: Councilor C. Hider; Councilor S. Sharps; Kelli Ireland, Marketing Specialist – IMH

Chamber of Commerce: Councilor A. Knodel

Cypress View Foundation: Councilor D. Hirsch; Councilor R. Robins

Friends of Medalta: Councilor A. Knodel

Inter-municipal committee: Councilor R. Dumanowski; Councilor S. Sharps

Medicine Hat Community Housing Corporation: Councilor R. Robins

Medicine Hat Exhibition and Stampede: Councilor A. McGrogan

Medicine Hat Public Library: Councilor R. Robins

Municipal Names Committee: Councilor C. Hider

Municipal Planning Commission: advisor D. Hirsch, president; Councilor A. McGrogan

Police Commission: Councilor A. Van Dyke; Councilor S. Sharps

Short herb library system: Councilor A. Van Dyke

Subdivision and development appeal commission: Councilor C. Hider; Councilor R. Dumanowski, alternate

Medicine Hat Tourism Committee: Councilor C. Hider

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