Already indicted Trump organization faces new criminal investigation

Mr Trump may well take a similar stance towards Ms Rocah, who was a senior federal prosecutor in the Southern District of New York before becoming an MSNBC commentator and, at times, openly critical of Mr Trump while in office. . At the end of 2019, for example, when Mr. Trump was facing arraignment for his actions with Ukraine, she said: “We have a criminal in the White House right now.”

A spokeswoman for Ms Rocah, Jess Vecchiarelli, declined to comment on the investigation.

The Westchester investigation is led by Elliott B. Jacobson, who spent more than three decades as a district attorney in the Southern District, largely in the White Plains office, where he worked with Ms Rocah to investigate the crimes in white collar. He came out of retirement in February to work with the Public Corruption Bureau and Ms. Rocah’s Cold Affairs Unit before also handling the Trump Golf Course investigation, people familiar with the matter said. the case.

Mr Vance, whose case is proceeding separately from the Westchester investigation, also turned to former federal prosecutor Mark Pomerantz for help with his office’s investigation of Mr. Trump. Mr. Jacobson and Mr. Pomerantz, who was more recently a prominent defense lawyer, work for free.

There is some similarity in the focus of the two surveys, although the Manhattan survey is much larger. (Mr Vance and Ms James also examined non-Westchester private estate owned by Mr Trump, but there is no indication that they were reviewing the golf club or that their investigations overlapped with Ms Rocah’s investigation. )

Mr. Vance examines, among other things, whether the Trump Organization has manipulated property values ​​to obtain loans and tax benefits; Ms Rocah questions the company’s claims about the value of the Westchester Course, one of the 16 golf properties the company owns or operates, said one of those familiar with the matter.

The value of the property determines how much tax the club must pay to local authorities: the higher the value, the larger the tax bill.

But after Ossining City assesses the value, the club can challenge the assessment – and they did.

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