ARM & HAMMER ™ Generous Cat Program Launches Unsung Heroes Awards to Celebrate Staff and Volunteers of Cat Protection Organizations and Chance for Shelters to Win $ 30,000


– Until November 20, Feline Generous wants to know how staff and volunteers went above and beyond to care for totally imperfect shelter cats that are often overlooked for adoption.

– A panel of feline experts will select 1 winner in each category: Compassion, Creativity and Advocate of the Year.

– The winning shelters will each receive a cash donation, and the unsung hero will receive a prize and a one-year supply of ARM & HAMMER â„¢ cat litter.

EWING, New Jersey, October 29, 2021 / PRNewswire / – In honor of National Cat Day, the ARM & HAMMER â„¢ Generous Feline The program announced today that it will host the “Unsung Heroes Awards” to recognize the most inspiring staff and volunteers of cat protection organizations who have gone above and beyond to help cats in totally unclean shelters this year. One winner will be selected in each of the following categories: Compassion, Creativity and Advocate of the Year. A total of $ 30,000 will be awarded to the winning shelters, and each unsung hero will receive a prize and a one-year supply of ARM & HAMMER â„¢ cat litter.

Today and through November 20, the ARM & HAMMER â„¢ Feline Generous program wants to hear stories about the staff and volunteers of cat protection organizations who have gone out of their way to help totally unclean cats this year. Three unsung heroes will be selected and will receive a total of $ 30,000 in cash donations for their shelter, as well as one year of cat litter. Visit to submit your nominations.

Shelter cats are often overlooked for adoption due to their age, appearance, or poorly understood personalities. In many cases, staff and volunteers work behind the scenes to perform miracles and ensure that these perfectly imperfect cats have their physical, medical, and emotional needs met.

“As a rule, perfectly unclean cats spend more time in shelters before they are adopted, so they rely on the kindness of shelter staff and volunteers to put them at ease,” said Pam Johnson-Bennett, certified consultant in feline behavior. “It’s amazing how a small gesture can make a huge difference for a cat who may be struggling with a physical, medical or emotional challenge. Make sure their favorite toy is easily accessible in their cage, give them extra attention and affection, or create a positive effect. bio to help people see past a cat’s imperfections are all great examples of how unsung heroes of shelters go the extra mile. “

One winner will be selected from each of the three Unsung Heroes Awards categories:

  • Compassion (Price: $ 7,500) – A staff member or volunteer who has shown tenderness, patience and extra care for perfectly unclean cats to ensure they receive specialist comfort and attention. Examples include; help cats with physical disabilities access objects in their crates without difficulty, educate other staff / volunteers on how to provide them with comfort, focus on building confidence in cats through play times and to additional affection, etc.

  • Creativity (Price: $ 7,500) – A staff member or volunteer who has implemented the most creative solution to comfort a totally unclean shelter cat or to find him a home forever. Examples include; personalize a cage or design an addition / toy / object, create a sensitive and positive bio to help potential adopters see past “imperfections”, organize a creative adoption event or social media campaign, etc.

  • Advocate of the Year (Prize: $ 15,000) – A staff member or volunteer who has both embodied compassion and creativity towards cats from perfectly imperfect shelters and has been an outstanding advocate for this cause beyond their shelter. Examples include; educate other staff / volunteers, as well as their wider community, how adorable and adoptable cats are, utterly impure, play an important role in finding forever homes and continue to follow up after the adoption, organizing community adoption events focused on perfectly unclean cats, etc.

“Our mission to Generous Feline is to raise awareness of why perfectly imperfect cats make such wonderful pets to help them find forever homes, ”said Rebecca Empty, Group Brand Manager, ARM & HAMMER â„¢ Pet Care. “We are delighted to recognize and celebrate the unsung heroes who have huge advocacy hearts and day in and day out show their love for the perfectly imperfect cats even after their shift is over. They deserve to be recognized and we hope. that by sharing their best practices, it will inspire others to help neglected shelter cats in their community.

Meet our award judges
In early December, a panel of feline experts will help select the three winners of the ARM & HAMMER â„¢ Feline Generous Unsung Heroes Awards:

  • Rhonda heath, Board Member and Past President of the Colonial Capital Humane Society – Refuge winner for the 2020 Feline Generous ‘Purrfectly Impurrfect’ campaign. CCHS is committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment for abandoned, abused and neglected animals while they await their forever homes.

  • IIona Rodan, DVM, Certified Feline Specialist and Feline Behavior Consultant, Director of Cat Behavior Solutions – Ilona is a feline veterinarian, international speaker and author and co-editor of a veterinary behavior manual, “Feline Behavioral Health and Welfare”.

  • Pam Johnson-Bennett, certified consultant in feline behavior – Pam is the bestselling author of 8 books on cat behavior. She starred in the Animal Planet series psychopathic kitten and has been featured as an expert contributor on Yahoo, iVillage, Modern cat, The daily cat, Fancy cat and more.

The ARM & HAMMER â„¢ Generous Feline is an online platform that easily connects people to a network of local cat shelters across the country to help increase adoption and generate product and cash donations, with a particular focus on Cats Who tend to be overlooked due to age, illness, appearance or misunderstanding personalities. If you are a cat conservation organization interested in joining, simply send your contact details and the shelter logo to: [email protected]

For the rules and regulations of the Unsung Heroes Awards and how shelters and cat lovers can nominate as many Unsung Heroes as they want, go to and complete a request by 20 November 2021. The winners will be announced in december 2021.

To follow the conversation use #FelineGenerous #UnsungHeroes.

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