Business professors address financial literacy concerns

Regarding “Teach New York Students Finance” by Richard G. Liskov on April 23, many of us in New York State are teaching financial literacy. We are not social science teachers. We are business professors. I taught career and financial management for 18 years at Clayton A. Bouton High School in Voorheesville.

I fought for the course to be a graduation requirement at our school and it is. I agree that financial literacy should be a required course in every high school in New York State, but I disagree with Liskov’s assertion that financial literacy is not something for which a district must spend money because students can learn financial literacy via the Internet. .

Business teachers in this state are certified to teach financial literacy and that’s how it should be taught, not an afterthought in an economics class or by a machine. Have we learned nothing from the pandemic? The solution is not to learn financial literacy online. The solution is to train more people to become business professors.

A business teacher is always worthwhile because not only do we teach financial management, but we also introduce students to accounting, law, marketing and entrepreneurship, to name just a few of the courses we offer. are certified to teach. If people are worried that their kids won’t learn financial literacy, they should make sure their high school has a business teacher.

Heather Garvey


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