Clay Jenkins calls election audits political stunts


“The purpose of this is not a real audit, it just moves political history forward,” he said.

Dallas-Judge Clay Jenkins of Dallas County is head-to-head against a camp of critics who strongly oppose the forensic election audits recently announced by the Secretary of State in Dallas, Tarant, Colin and Harris counties. to augment.

“The purpose of this is not a real audit. This only pushes the political story forward for potential fraud and therefore justifies making it increasingly difficult for city dwellers and young people to vote. Jenkins says of Texas domestic politics.

Democrats say his county has nothing to do to physically comply with the audit. He states that they provide the information required by the Information Disclosure Act. Jenkins said he suspected the Republicans would hold onto the information for months, months, months and do nothing.

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“And after seeing it after the Republican primary, they quietly tell us what we already know: Elections in the United States are safe and secure. It’s also safe in Tarant, Dallas and Harris County, ”Jenkins said.

Another sign that this is a pure political stunt, according to Jenkins, is the fact that examiners haven’t come to dismantle the machine or examine the voting cards. Details of the audit remain unclear, but the secretary of state has hinted that the audit will continue until next spring, a year and a half after the November 2020 election.

“They are no longer trying to win elections on the basis of the power of their ideas and their ability to govern,” Justice Jenkins said. “They are trying to win the election by preventing people from voting. “

Clay Jenkins calls election audits political stunts

Source link Clay Jenkins calls for election audits of political stunts


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