Clubhouse lays off some employees amid strategic shift

Clubhouse has laid off some of its employees, Bloomberg . It’s unclear exactly how many employees the company has laid off, but at least some former employees left voluntarily to pursue opportunities outside of Clubhouse. Among one of the most publicized departures was , a former National Public Radio editor who joined the company to lead its news partnerships initiative. Clubhouse also lost its and tracks.

“A handful of roles have been eliminated as part of our team streamlining, and a few people have decided to pursue new opportunities,” a Clubhouse spokesperson said. Bloomberg. “We continue to recruit for many roles in engineering, product and design.”

According to the outlet, the layoffs are part of a broader restructuring at Clubhouse as the company seeks to rethink its growth strategy. Clubhouse found in the first year of the pandemic, in part because you needed an invite to start using the app. Unfortunately, it also quickly caught the eye of a handful of well-funded competitors, including Meta, Twitter, and Spotify, all of which replicated the app’s core functionality within their own platforms. Clubhouse has done its best to deliver the best live audio experience possible, adding features like and to match and surpass its competitors, but it faces an uphill battle against the tech giants.

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