CMF President Calls for Budget Increase to Allow Carrier Audits

United States Federal Maritime Commission Chairman Daniel Maffei this week submitted a request for additional funding for fiscal 2022 to the House of Representatives’ Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee on Coast Guard and Transportation this week. maritime. The CMF is seeking an additional $ 800,000 to support its operations.

Maffei noted that the CMF had been investigating since late last year the policies of detention and demurrage, container return and export transportation at the two largest port complexes in the United States, including the one of the results is a recommendation that the agency undertake audits of major carriers. In fact, the FMC has launched its audit program of public carriers operating vessels earlier this week, with a team dedicated to the project.

Audits “will determine exactly what [the carriers] do to comply with the detention and demurrage rule, ”Maffei said. “Such an audit could inform the development or application of additional rules.”

The Commission Chairman also discussed two other areas in “urgent need of consolidation given the current situation”: FMC’s Bureau of Enforcement (BoE) and the Office of Consumer and Dispute Resolution Services ( CADRS). Maffei “authorized additional hires for these offices, which are ongoing, including a specific export advocate.”

The FMC operates with a current workforce of 128 employees, “many of whom must have advanced degrees and / or specialist expertise to facilitate the implementation of all provisions of the Merchant Shipping Act,” Maffei said. Most of its budget is used for salaries and benefits. The hiring required for the new initiatives will add to these costs.

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