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The opponent of a candidate for the seat of Jackie Speier in Washington, DC, claims that a Christmas card was a piece of illegal campaign literature.

San Mateo County Supervisor David Canepa announced yesterday that South San Francisco resident Michael Harris has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission, or FEC, complaining that his opponent, the member of the National Assemblyman Kevin Mullin, had used money from his campaign account to send two mailers – a card and a flyer – which bolstered his campaign in Congress.

The FEC complaint says the two were an inappropriate campaign for the House seat they both seek.

The first mail is a card with a picture of Mullin’s family saying, “Happy Holidays to you and yours – the Mullin family.” On the back of the card, Mullin says he has been honored to serve the Sacramento area for the past nine years.

“Together we have accomplished a lot for San Mateo County. I look forward to working with you to move our county and state forward toward a brighter future as we navigate this pandemic,” the note reads.

The second mail is a flyer that says “Our Accomplishments Together” over a photo of the San Mateo Bridge. The reverse lists some of Mullin’s accomplishments in Sacramento in 2021, including passing more than 60 bills, such as increasing access to child care and improving transparency around child care. campaign funds.

But the complaint points out that since Mullin had already announced he was running for Speier’s seat, he was breaking the law. The complaint cites the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971, which prohibits federal candidates from spending non-federal campaign money on a federal campaign.

“Dirty politics”

Mullin’s team called the complaint “dirty politics” and said it was a distraction technique from Canepa’s camp.

“Last week the media uncovered $10 million worth of wasted PPE left in the rain and destroyed under the watch of David Canepa while he was chairman of the board. Canepa called this a “mistake”. And now, to divert attention from this failure, David Canepa is going negative. That’s what candidates do when they can’t talk about their own file. In contrast, Kevin will continue to focus on the 60 bills he passed and be the proven progressive candidate with a real record of accomplishment for San Mateo County families on climate change, affordable housing and the right to vote,” Katie said. Merrill, a campaign strategist for Mullin’s campaign.

Canepa’s announcement of the lawsuit against Mullin includes the claim that Mullin’s campaign is performing poorly, with Mullin being “raised from $247,000 to $419,000” by Canepa.

Although Canepa has collected more than Mullin so far, Mullin received Speier’s endorsement and touted his record in Sacramento as good preparation for DC.

Other candidates

Canepa and Mullin aren’t the only ones looking for Speier’s seat. Burlingame Councilor Emily Beach is also seeking Speier’s seat. The same goes for Redwood City attorney Andrew Watters and Half Moon Bay resident and Republican Gus Mattammal. The five candidates will face each other in the June primary. The top two voters will run against each other in the November election. Whoever wins will take over Speier’s seat in Congress.

Speier announced his retirement from Congress in November after 14 years in DC

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