Current commissioner hopes to keep his role in the Whitworth Water District race

Whitworth Water District Commissioner Leroy (Lee) Legnon is considering another term in this election, facing Stevan Veselinovic, who has a background in information technology.

Legnon and Veselinovic are on the ballot for the No. 3 water district position. The Council of Commissioners governs the Water District, which supplies water to the region. The council often examines water prices, conservation and sustainability.

Veselinovic did not respond to multiple requests for comment from The Spokesman-Review.

Legnon was appointed to the commission in February. When told he would need to be elected to keep the seat, “it wasn’t even a thought, and I jumped at the chance,” Legnon wrote in an email.

He said that over the past few months he has learned the importance of the position.

Legnon said he learned a lot more about conservation and sustainability while serving on the commission, especially how customers use their water and what the aquifer looks like today and in the future. . He said he was already aware of projects under development in the district that involve water use requirements, such as water pipe extensions.

“If I am re-elected, I won’t have to spend months familiarizing myself with the policies and procedures, learning about the facilities, meeting people and understanding their roles within the district,” he said. he writes in an email. “There would be no ramp time.”

Legnon said he wanted to continue to ensure customers have a safe and adequate water supply. He also wants the district to keep thinking about future growth as more and more people move to the greater Spokane area and ensure that the district’s infrastructure can meet the demands.

Legnon said his cybersecurity background was a boon for the district as critical infrastructure has recently been targeted by hackers. He pointed to a time in his current tenure when he was asked to do an annual district security audit review. He did so and found that the original company that performed the audit may have left the district exposed. He asked the company to come back and do a thorough audit.

“As a result, the neighborhood has much better cyber hygiene and our customers should not experience blackouts as a result,” he said.

In his voter guide statement, Veselinovic recounts his first memory of drinking unsanitary water “from my grandmother’s hands as we fled war-torn Croatia”.

“I know firsthand the importance of clean, affordable water,” he wrote.

He added that he was grateful to live and work at Whitworth and pledged to “work together so that it continues to thrive”.

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