EarlyBirds helps in fast emerging technologies for health diagnostics, pharmaceutical and biotech industries

Forde, April 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — EarlyBirds is an Australian-based company that operates an open business-to-business (B2B) ecosystem that provides early adopters, innovators and subject matter experts (SMEs) a way to meet and create partnerships to accelerate the advancement and adoption of technology. They wish to inform everyone to help the healthcare industry in its search for appropriate solutions after the pandemic has stimulated the rapid adoption of new technologies to help them meet the intense demand created by the crisis.

Digital disruption in healthcare, biotech and pharmaceutical industries

Future health technologies

For example, the pandemic has caused an increase in demand for diagnostics and PPE, causing companies in this particular healthcare segment to seek solutions through technological innovations to rapidly scale their business and hopefully -the, catch up with the significant increase in demand for their products. Additionally, there has been a growing popularity of wearable healthcare devices, growing awareness of the need for personalized medicine, and increasing integration of artificial intelligence (AI). This has had a significant impact on diagnostic centers, hospitals, laboratories and end users.

Meanwhile, according to Forbes, biotech and pharmaceutical companies have relied on their own R&D efforts, but that hasn’t been enough and they are now turning to strategic initiatives and to their supply chain and research partners. manufacturing to streamline their processes. This industry has also greatly increased its reliance on data analytics to drive drug development, drug manufacturing, and to anticipate patient response to a particular drug and to assess diagnostic results.

Take advantage of emerging technologies

Healthcare professionals are also taking advantage of machine learning algorithms to analyze why certain drugs are effective in an effort to help improve future drug development efforts. AI is also used to evaluate tests and medical records and monitor the impact of various therapies on groups of patients over time. Researchers train machines to recognize certain patterns that show how a person metabolizes drugs, allowing them to more accurately predict the effectiveness of a particular drug.

Healthcare providers are also using cutting-edge technology to help improve patient outcomes, especially when it comes to chronic and acute disease management. For example, virtual care programs and telemedicine are used by doctors to monitor their patients remotely using sensors that track their vital signs, medical records, and other personal information.

Innovation options

The future of the healthcare industry looks to be exciting, but it has put enormous pressure on healthcare organizations, manufacturers, laboratories and other related businesses to find the right technologies and solutions to help them capture market share in these rapidly emerging opportunities. This is where EarlyBirds can help with its open innovation ecosystem, which was designed to connect organizations with innovators and SMEs to accelerate innovation and solve different business and technical challenges. With the help of EarlyBirds, a business can be transformed into a self-made organization, allowing for quick problem solving; drive continuous improvement across all business functions; and explore various disruptive business solutions, models and innovations. Those who participate in the EarlyBirds open innovation ecosystem become early adopters who take on the role of leader or influencer in their organizations who understand the importance of innovation to solve any challenges with their products or services and seize opportunities as they arise.

The EarlyBirds open innovation ecosystem has three key elements. Their world-leading, award-winning platform has over 4 million early-stage, scale, and mature innovators across all business and technology sectors. There are also capabilities for complex research, managing innovation projects and creating an innovation pipeline.

Earlybirds assisted programs include the Explorer program to accelerate enterprise-wide technology innovation as a service. The Explorer program has important features, including: a platform enterprise license; weekly webinars to help drive innovation across the organization; a designated SME for the company; quarterly and monthly innovation days; and a focus on certain innovations. The Challenger program is designed for those who prefer to focus on certain business issues one at a time.

Those interested in learning more about the EarlyBirds open innovation ecosystem and how it can help healthcare organizations find the right health diagnostics solution or partner can visit the EarlyBirds website at the address earlybirds.io.


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