Financial Optics publishes a guide to using a chart of accounts to improve a small business

RENO, NEVADA, USA, May 26, 2022 / — Financial Optics has released a guide on how to use a chart of accounts to improve a small business. Categories in a chart of accounts can give business owners unique insight into their performance and how to improve.

A chart of accounts is a tool used to analyze a company’s financial activities over time. They compile all accounts into a single domain for easy monitoring. The five categories that make up a chart of accounts include a company’s assets, liabilities, equity, income, and expenses. And depending on the company’s industry, it may include a sixth category of tracking cost of goods sold.

A company can use each category to further investigate which investments have been successful and which need to be re-evaluated. It can be a tool for business owners when they are unsure about a business decision that could change the course of their business.

Business owners can use the five categories to understand the trajectory of their business as follows:

• Assets: Analysis of business assets will indicate the value of the business and allow the owner to prioritize investments.

• Liabilities: Liabilities show the owner what debts are still owed and allow him to see if he can pay them with his current income.

• Equity: Considering equity will provide financial insight into the quarterly and annual profitability of the business to see if the business is still worth investing in.

• Income: Considering income status before making a business decision can save an owner from making a choice that could affect the success of the business.

• Expenses: Understanding expenses will allow the owner to see which investments are helping the business become more profitable.

Financial Optics can help small businesses analyze their chart of accounts to make better business decisions. The virtual accounting firm offers outsourced accounting for small businesses that helps minimize costs and get the best result. Financial Optics helps small businesses with sustainable growth, from accounting to financial advice.

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