Gableman’s election inquiry keeps getting worse

The escaped investigation by the former Wisconsin Supreme Court justice was even attacked by the GOP election conspirator.

Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul, a Democrat, called for an end to the “bogus probe” into the 2020 election led by former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman, who was hired by the president of Assembly Robin Vos (R-Rochester) with a budget of $ 680,000 using taxpayer dollars.

“This is not a serious investigation. Even if an investigation like this was warranted – and it clearly is not – this one suffers from glaring flaws that destroy any credibility its results might have,” he said. Kaul said in a press release.

“In addition, this investigation is not conducted in a professional or competent manner. It’s clear that investigators here are learning the basics of election administration as they go, ”Kaul said, referring to Gableman’s statements that he doesn’t understand how elections work.

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Kaul also pointed to the partisan nature of the investigation, which was announced at a Republican event, escalated after Vos met with former President Donald Trump, and which lead investigator Gableman said. false claims that the 2020 election was “stolen”.

“No serious investigator would conduct an investigation under these circumstances,” Kaul said. “And no one should take the results of this investigation as credible. “

Bad to worse

The investigation managed to come to a halt after a bad start. Gableman issued subpoenas to the Wisconsin Election Commission and officials in Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Racine and Kenosha to escort them back a few days later. In an interview, Gableman compared the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s report of his investigation to Nazi propaganda.

Gov. Tony Evers, after the subpoenas were submitted, said officials should “bring in a lawyer” and called the investigation a “$ 700,000 boondoggle.” Gableman responded in a video that Evers had an “incomplete and mistaken view of what we do” and said there was “compelling evidence that Wisconsin’s election laws were not being properly followed.”

Allegations of electoral fraud in Wisconsin have been specious and collapsed under scrutiny, while the 2020 election results have been repeatedly confirmed.

Nonetheless, Vos defended the investigation.

“In order to restore confidence in our electoral system, Justice Gableman will continue his investigation,” he said.

The anger of the right

Representative Janel Brandtjen (R-Menomonee Falls), who chairs the Assembly’s Campaigns and Elections committee, which is the subject of her own investigation, complained in a statement that Gableman was not working with the committee , although Gableman’s investigation was commissioned separately from that of the committee. .

Brandtjen also accused Gableman of not going far enough, saying Gableman’s subpoenas granted “immunity” to officials called to testify, targeting Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich. Brandtjen oversaw a hearing based on an article by MD Kittle posted on the highly partisan Wisconsin Spotlight blog that contained extensive speculation about Green Bay’s collaboration with the Center for Tech and Civic Life, which provided election funding to over 200 Wisconsin municipalities, but no solid charges of wrongdoing.

Genrich noted in a statement that Green Bay had already come under scrutiny for its collaboration with CTCL and “in each case the city’s actions have been confirmed.”

Brandtjen also lobbied for a cybercrime audit like in Arizona.

“Justice Gableman and President Vos continue to reject the need for a similar audit of physical ballots and voting machines in Wisconsin,” Brandtjen said. “A cyber-medical audit, including the recount of physical ballots and an audit of machines, would finally restore confidence in the Wisconsin election.”

Maricopa County in Arizona will have to spend $ 3 million to replace tabulators compromised by the audit, the end result of which was data showing Biden won by a wider margin than initially thought.

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