Hanjin Tan, Award-Winning Producer and Singer-Songwriter, Joins Asia’s Leading Entertainment Metaverse, Gemie, as “Gemstar”

  • Hanjin Tanmusician and Web3 advocate, joins the project as “Gemstar” to connect with fans and music lovers through immersive metaverse experiences and digital assets

  • Gemie is an Asian entertainment-driven metaverse platform and NFT marketplace that is revolutionizing engagement between celebrities and fans

  • The project will work with leading celebrities to create bespoke utility-focused non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with both online and offline benefits for holders

SINGAPORE, June 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Gemie is delighted to announce that Hanjin Tan, an award-winning musician, actor and producer, will join Gemie’s metaverse team to help low-key musicians reach a wider audience. Music Guru NFT will leverage Gemie’s existing entertainment-focused community to better connect fans and music lovers to new and upcoming artists through interactive metaverse experiences and digital assets.

Hanjin Tan, award-winning producer and singer-songwriter, will join Gemie

Hanjin is the first artist in the Asian music industry to turn his music into NFT. The Singaporean-Chinese producer’s NFT collection of Web3 music sold within a minute of listing for over 500 BNB, setting a new record for the Chinese-language music industry. As an early adopter of NFT and an advocate for web3, Hanjin’s experience and knowledge of the blockchain space makes him the perfect first addition to the Gemie roster.

Backed by the crypto and entertainment industry investors and partners, years of entertainment and gaming experience, and with a deeply connected network, Gemie’s team is well positioned to connect traditional entertainment players to Web3. As a platform, Gemie will be a unique platform that will equip artists and celebrities with the right tools, resources and opportunities to achieve their virtual ambitions by supporting their design process to bring their merchandise and entertainment concepts to life. experience. The virtual wearables and decorative NFTs used in the Gemie metaverse also offer online and offline perks that provide exclusive access to some of the biggest virtual concerts, meetups, and movie premieres. Gemie NFT holders will also enjoy benefits including discounts on physical merchandise and priority in ticket sales for live events.

Hanjin Tan said “I’m interested in projects that are doomed to develop web3.0 solutions for musicians. Musicians have been marginalized by the music industry for far too long. I think NFTs and web3.0 offer a viable solution. I’m excited to explore with Gemie the possibility of web3.0 solutions in the metaverse for musicians. WAGMI.”

John F., co-founder of Gemie, said, “We hope Gemie will become the place to celebrate Asian talent in our home countries and serve as a bridge to share our singers, movies and all forms of entertainment across the world. beyond the Orient. The Gemie metaverse aims to create worlds imagined by top Asian talent to connect creators and their fans more closely, which is why we’re so excited to have Hanjin on board and we can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on.”

To achieve all this, Gemie connects with major players in the Asia entertainment landscape. According to the founding team, their demo room is currently available for public use with plans well underway to expand their larger metaverse with various locations for virtual experiences. The co-founders have hinted on the project’s social media that the first group of stars to join the Gemie Metaverse will be announced soon.

About Gemie
gemie is a Asiacelebrity-based metaverse platform and premium NFT marketplace. Founded in 2021, Gemie aims to reinvent the entertainment industry by directly connecting celebrities and fans through personalized virtual planets and digital collectibles.

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