Lacson urges government prosecutors to act on COA report flagging inactive P1.44-T projects – Manila Bulletin

Aspiring President Senator Panfilo Lacson on Thursday urged state prosecutors and other investigative agencies to immediately consider the Audit Commission (COA) report on the alleged plans for infrastructure worth 1.44 trillion pesos that is delayed, abandoned and / or left on standby.

“It is high time that prosecutors in the Public Prosecutor’s Office or the Department of Justice (DOJ), as well as investigative agencies, such as the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and the Philippine National Police (PNP), grant the greater importance and attention to the regular and special audit reports of the Audit Commission (COA) if we intend to be serious in eradicating corruption in the country, ”Lacson said in a statement. communicated.

“We owe it to the next generation of Filipinos to act now with strong political will to fight corruption,” said the senator.

Lacson pointed out that COA reports are very detailed and can easily provide clues as to how and where public funds are being misused.

“On the one hand, audit reports provide very good leads for identifying abuses and abuses of public funds and prosecuting cases against offending public officials as well as their cohorts in the private sector, including entrepreneurs and suppliers, ”said the senator.

The COA, in its consolidated annual financial report for national government agencies for 2020, found that various infrastructure projects implemented by at least 17 agencies “were not executed according to plan, with deficiencies noted, no. ‘were not completed on time (or) were not completed at all, which may result in waste of public funds or delay in enjoying the benefits of the project.

The state audit firm attributed the delays in the completion of the project to “abandonment by the contractor, ineffectiveness in monitoring project implementation, poor planning and poor execution and lack of coordination with local government units (LGUs) and other relevant agencies ”.

Lacson noted that much of public funds are lost to corruption and those involved can get away without incurring any liability.

“So much is lost to corruption, often committed with impunity by shenanigans that continue to poke fun at the banks while we taxpayers are left with the proverbial empty sack,” the lawmaker said.

“We are already in debt up to our necks without seeing the corresponding programs, projects and activities (PPA) designed to improve the lives of Filipinos,” he lamented.



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