Leeds City College Games Course obtains TIGA accreditation


LONDON, October 11, 2021 / PRNewswire / – TIGA, the trade association representing the UK video game industry, is pleased to announce the accreditation of the following games course at Leeds Municipal College (LCC):

The BTEC Level 3 Creative Media Practice (Game Development) course at Leeds City College offers a two-year study program. There are currently 198 students on the course. Students learn a wide range of game development skills, including coding, graphics, sound, and design. Students work both on individual projects and in teams. Students learn important transferable soft skills such as resilience, communication, and teamwork. At the end of the course, students usually continue on to a higher education course.

Destination data

Almost three quarters of students go on to higher education after completing the Leeds Course of the College of the City. Data from 2021 shows that:

  • 72 percent of students enter tertiary education after completing the course (53 percent go to external tertiary education providers and 19 percent study tertiary education courses at LCC). Most of these students will take courses in game development.

  • 9 percent of students switch to apprenticeship.

  • 19 percent of students find employment directly.

The TIGA Accreditation Team noted the following good practice examples:

  • The ability to determine the precise content and method of course delivery worked well for Leeds College of the City. The teaching teams were able to draw on their experience and industry advice to create exemplary learning opportunities. The current structure and delivery is providing excellent results for the students.

  • The Visual and Digital Arts Department, which delivers the Game Development course, has been rated as Outstanding against the Ofsted Inspection Framework for the past 3 years.

  • On average, 87% of students expressed satisfaction with the course in 2021.

  • Leeds City College’s game development course has a good reputation for student achievement and retention, with numbers around 10 percent above the national benchmark.

  • The College’s Girls into Games Project (2018 – 2020) has improved the gender balance of staff and students. During this period, the number of female staff teaching the course increased from 0 to 4. The percentage of girls on game development is 19 percent and on animation 35 percent.

  • The Sleepy Brain Studio (a staffed and controlled game studio) offers staff the opportunity to hone their game development skills in an industrial environment.

  • The Games Course team has excellent ties to the industry.

  • Leeds The City College Game Development Course is regularly updated and revamped to ensure it meets the evolving needs of higher education and the gaming industry.

  • The College has provided excellent support for students, especially during the disruption caused by the pandemic, by loaning laptops for students to use at home.

  • The college course is equipped with game development software and hardware to support its students.

Accreditation team

The TIGA accreditation team that reviewed the courses consisted of:

  • Dr. Richard wilson, CEO of OBE TIGA

  • Dr. Marc Eyles, TIGA educational advisor

  • Chris Kingsley OBE, Rebellion Technical Director

  • Dr. Peter Howell, University of Portsmouth

  • Ted turnbull, University of Portsmouth

  • Adam jerrett, University of Portsmouth

Dr Richard Wilson OBE, CEO of TIGA, noted:

Leeds City College’s Level 3 Creative Media Practice (Game Development) BTEC course provides skills relevant to the video game industry and equips students with transferable skills that are important for future employment. The course has excellent progress and satisfaction rates and prepares its students well for further education and employment. Congratulations to the staff and students of Leeds City College on successful accreditation of your course. “

Dr. Marc Eyles, TIGA Educational Advisor, said:

“The exceptional teaching team of Leeds City College offers a rich and industry-inspired learning experience. Students have the opportunity to explore the many facets of game development in a supportive professional environment. They identify areas in which they wish to specialize, ready to take the next step in their preparation for careers in the gaming industry. “

Jas ryatt, Deputy Director, Visual and Digital Arts, Leeds City College, said:

“Our goal has always been to connect the dreams of our students with the realities of the computer games industry. TIGA accreditation is a great opportunity to stay in dialogue with people who truly understand the challenges our young people face and opportunities available. TIGA accreditation will help us ensure they have the skills, attitudes and experience to become a creative force in a world they already love. “

About TIGA:

TIGA is the trade association for the UK video game industry. Our vision is to make the UK the best place in the world to develop video games. Our main goal is to strengthen the game development and digital publishing industry. To do this, we focus on four strategic objectives:

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