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ISLAMABAD – The Ministry of Finance has notified the salary increase for government employees as announced in the annual budget for the current fiscal year.
“The President was pleased to approve revised base scales and allowances effective July 1, 2022 for civilian federal government employees, paid on civilian estimates and on defense estimates,” the Department of Defense said. Finance in a notification posted here on Friday. The base-2022 salary scales will replace the base-2017 salary scales as of July. The notification specifies that after the new salary scales, the five ad hoc reliefs will be merged.
According to the notification, the basic salary of an employee in service on 06-30-2022 is fixed in the basic salary scales-2022 on a one-time basis, that is, at the stage corresponding to the one he occupies above the minimum of Base Salary Scales-2017. In case of personal salary received by an employee as part of his base salary beyond the maximum of his salary scale on 30-06-2022, he/she will continue to receive this salary in the base salary scales-2022 at revised rates.
In the event of promotion from a lower position/scale to a higher position before the introduction of these scales, the remuneration of the officials concerned by the revised salary scale may be fixed and increased in such a way that it would not be lower than the remuneration that would have been eligible for him if his promotion to the higher post/scale had taken place after the introduction of these scales.
An Ad-Hoc-2022 Relief Allowance @ 15% of current BPS-2017 base salary will be provided to federal civilian employees as well as civilians paid on defense estimates, including contingent paid personnel and contract employees employed against civilian positions in the base pay scales on the general terms and conditions of contract appointment as of 01-07-2022 and will remain locked in at the same level until further notice.
All new entrants will be allowed Ad-hoc Relief Allowance-2022 @ 15% of the relevant base salary minimum of BPS-2017 on a notional basis from 01-07-2022 until new orders and will be frozen at the same moment. level. The ad hoc relief allowance will be subject to income tax.
The ad hoc relief allowance will be eligible during the leave and the entire period of LPR, except during the extraordinary leave. The ad hoc relief allowance will not be treated as part of the emoluments for the purposes of calculating the pension/gratuity and the recovery of the rent of the accommodation. The ad hoc relief allowance will not be eligible for employees for the duration of their overseas assignment/deputation. The Ad Hoc Relief Allowance will be payable to employees upon repatriation from overseas assignment/deputation at the rate and amount that would have been payable to them had they not been overseas assigned.
The ad hoc relief allowance will be eligible during the period of suspension. The term “base pay” shall also include the amount of personal compensation awarded as a result of annual increase(s) above the maximum of the existing pay scales. All special pay, special allowances or qualifying allowances as a percentage of salary (excluding those capped by setting a ceiling) including housing allowance and allowance/special allowance equal to one month’s basic salary, granted to federal government officials regardless of their status in the ministry/division/department/bureau, etc., including civilian employees in BPS 1-22 of the judiciary, will be frozen in terms of its admissibility on 30-06-2022.
According to the notification, the minimum salary for a Grade 1 government employee will be Rs13,550 and the maximum salary will be Rs26,450. The minimum salary for a grade 17 employee will be Rs45,070 and the maximum salary will be Rs113,470. The minimum salary for a grade 21 employee will be Rs 113,790 and the maximum salary will be Rs 217,670. The minimum salary for a grade 22 employee will be Rs122,190 and the maximum salary will be Rs244,130.

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