Most Influential Women: Cathy Graham, Desert Financial Credit Union

Az Business and AZRE magazines announced the post lists of Arizona’s most influential women in 2021, including Cathy Graham from Desert Financial Credit Union. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Most Powerful Women program, features one of the Most Powerful Women of 2021 every day, until 2021 Most Influential Women Dinner and Reception.

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The Most Influential Women of 2021 will be honored at a reception on August 26 at Chateau Luxe in Phoenix. For more sponsorship information, email [email protected] For more information on the event honoring the most influential women, email [email protected] or click here.

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Spotlight of the day: Cathy Graham

Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

Desert Financial Credit Union

Graham was named Credit Union Marketing Executive of the Year in 2015. She is a member of the board of directors of Free Arts for Abused Children.

Lesson learned in 2020:The biggest thing I’ve learned is that anything is possible if you tackle it one day at a time. The reason I say this is that normally when there is a big challenge we tend to want to put in place a comprehensive and bulletproof plan. You can’t do this with a global pandemic. Because neither of us knew how long the pandemic was going to last, we each had to wake up every day and focus on the most important things we needed to do that day to care for each other and get on with it. our activities. It turns out that the sum of all of these daily actions has resulted in innovation, agility and growth beyond what we could have imagined. “

Source of pride:All the things I’m most proud of have been done as a team. If I had to choose one team achievement that I am extremely proud of, it would be Desert Financial’s corporate mission to share success. It’s more than a platitude that lives on our intranet. Sharing success is something we do every day. Whether it’s giving back millions of dollars to our members, doing thousands of random acts of kindness, showing gratitude to teachers, providing full ASU tuition coverage for employees. , and more, Desert Financial walks the walk when it comes to giving back meaningfully to our members, community and employees. It takes commitment from everyone, from our CEO, Jeff Meshey, to every employee in the organization, and I hope the work I do helps us live this important mission. “

Surprising fact: “I love the movie ‘Sixteen Candles’ and I could probably quote the entire movie right now. Ready?”

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