“My Young Dying Family”

By Lincoln G. Peters

Mr. Sensee J. Morris, Deputy Chief Financial Officer of the suspended Liberia Water and Sewer Cooperation (LWSC), says his young family is dying as he faces an indefinite suspension.

“Mr. President, I’m calling on you, please look my way. A young family is dying just because he wanted the right things to be done,” Mr. Morris recently pleaded with President George Manneh Weah.

“My children are not in school now. We tried after several times, [but] the school kicked them out. I’m calling the president, you sent me for investigation but I haven’t been investigated and this is killing my family,’ Morris pleaded in tears.

On June 10, 2021, President Weah suspended LWSC Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Duannah A. Kamara, and his Deputy, Mr. Sensee J. Morris, effective immediately.

He suspended the couple following reports of unrest and allegations of corruption at the LWSC, pending a full investigation.

In addition, President Weah requested the General Auditing Commission (GAC) to immediately conduct an investigative audit and report back to him within 30 days.

But speaking recently in Monrovia, Mr Morris revealed that it has now been more than sixteen to seventeen months and the GAC has refused to investigate him.

He said while he remains suspended, the GAC has investigated his colleague and is working.

He expressed his deep dissatisfaction with the alleged failure of the GAC to investigate the alleged corruption and unrest.

According to him, since President Weah suspended him and the CEO of the LWSC and mandated GAC to investigate them, the Commission would have refused to invite him to investigate.

He lamented that the alleged action of the GAC is causing serious economic hardship for him and his entire family.

Morris said he was unable to provide for his family’s basic needs as he had no job.

He noted that while he has lost the President’s trust and they can no longer work with him, he calls on them to peacefully allow him to continue with his private life so that he can care for his young and suffering family. the worst punishment of suspension on him.

Mr Morris noted that President Weah has the right to remove and reinstate him, urging the President to act if he no longer has confidence in his work.

“I call on the Government of Liberia through the GAC to call me for investigation. I am prepared to be investigated because I have made myself available on several occasions and have made efforts, but they refused to investigate me,” Morris said.

“Let them investigate to exonerate me and if I am found guilty I am ready to take the punishment. But my family should not suffer. I work for them to survive,” Morris pleaded.

Morris recalled that he was appointed in September 2018 by the President and given the mandate by the President as Deputy Chief Financial Officer to direct and control the financial affairs of LWSC.

As a professional who has worked in finance and accounting for more than 13 years, he said he sees it as a way to serve his country well.

As such, Morris said he decided to employ all his discipline and ethics to uphold best practice and international standards.

“There were some bad things I saw and it has to be clear here that I couldn’t take it as a professional so I had to sound the alarm,” Morris said.

He said he was kicked out of office because he wanted the right thing done.

“Before my suspension, for over a year, I reported these issues internally, but it was never acted on,” Morris said.

He said he was called abruptly to authorize a sum of US$99,000, but he refused to do so because he did not know anything about it and had not seen any documents.

He claimed it caused a stir in the public, which caught the president’s attention and led to his and his boss, Mr Kamara, being suspended to face an investigation.

“Now the GAC has investigated Mr. Kamara and he is working, but yet they refused to investigate me,” Morris said.

“I have all my evidence and I am ready to face the investigation. If they can investigate Kamara without my arguments, that means I’m lying. So how can you investigate without the whistleblower? Morris wondered.

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