Omicron COVID-19 Variant Reaches NSW, Clean Group CEO Warns Companies; Importance of COVID cleanup in Sydney


SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA / ACCESSWIRE / December 1, 2021 /Omicron is the name given to the last mutant of the dreaded COVID-19 virus. It has been said to be even more dangerous than previous variants of COVID-19 and has already been detected in several countries, including parts of Australia. The latest and fifth cases of Omicron were recently detected in New South Wales when a traveler from South Africa tested positive for the new variant of COVID-19. Clean Group Founder and CEO Suji Siv has warned local businesses to protect themselves and their staff from the new COVID-19 variant by continuing to monitor COVID security measures, including regular cleaning and COVID cleanup commercial premises.

Clean Group is a leading commercial cleaning company based in Sydney, Australia that was founded by Mr. Suji Siv with the aim of providing world class cleaning services to businesses in Sydney, NSW at affordable prices. The company rose to fame for making a significant contribution to maintaining the cleanliness and safety of local business premises during the COVID-19 pandemic last year and is now a leading provider of cleaning and COVID Disinfection Facility at Sydney, NSW Businesses. The CEO of Clean Group has personally gained a great deal of expertise in the field over the past year, as he closely monitored the cleaning process and was engaged with his cleaners through the stages to ensure safe and efficient cleaning services for customers.

New Omicron COVID-19 variant is more dangerous than before

According to him, the new variant of COVID-19 may be more dangerous than the previous one. However, it is still early to say anything specific about its possible impacts on business and lifestyle. As of yet, there is no news from the NSW government of an impending lockdown situation, but it is possible if the condition becomes serious afterwards or if more cases are detected. It’s time for businesses to once again set strict COVID-19 standards on their premises, including requiring their employees and visitors to follow COVID safety guidelines. All persons present in the business premises should wear masks and wash their hands regularly. Hand disinfection stations should be installed at all points of entry. In addition, businesses need to take routine cleaning of their premises more seriously to maintain good hygiene.

As seen over the past two years, regular and proper office cleaning can be very helpful and effective in keeping the virus away from business premises. Clean Group therefore encourages companies to go for a comprehensive office cleaning package, which also includes routine disinfection of all touch points and other high traffic areas in an office. “This is crucial for the removal of viruses from all premises and sensitive areas of a commercial property such as an office,” said the CEO of Clean Group.

So what must be done to keep an office clean and germ-free?

Here is the answer given by the CEO of Clean Group, Suji Siv.

“Keeping a small office clean is easy. You can hire a cleaner or in-house staff and get away with it. However, removing germs from workplaces is a whole different thing, especially if it’s a large one. Not everyone can do it Regular cleaners usually do not have the resources, training and / or knowledge to identify and remove germs from workplaces. viruses, bacteria and pathogens. Different tools are needed for different types of germs. Thus, it is crucial to employ the services of a trained and qualified office disinfection cleaning company. To book a COVID-19 cleaning service in Sydney, visit the Clean Group website, ”said Suji siv.

Do-it-yourself office cleaning is not recommended for COVID elimination

Businesses and offices that are very small or cannot afford professional COVID-19 cleaning should be very careful when using internal cleaners. Only trained and experienced COVID cleaners should be used for disinfection of commercial properties. In addition, cleaners must take all precautions to avoid contamination and the spread of the virus in the workplace. Companies are strongly advised to only hire professional and experienced COVID-19 cleaners for their business premises as it is about the safety of their workers and customers. An expert COVID-19 cleaning company like Clean Group can not only meet the daily cleaning needs of businesses, but will also help limit the spread of the virus by ensuring daily disinfection of touch points and other high traffic places / objects, including telephones, doorknobs and handles, table tops, counters, handrails, lift buttons, switches, keypad, toilets, water faucets, etc.

Hire the cleaning services of an Omicron COVID-19 expert from Clean Group

Now that the Omicron COVID-19 virus is here and expected to be even more dangerous than the previous one, it is imperative that businesses in Sydney start taking the right steps to keep their office workers and visitors safe. . Routine office cleaning followed by COVID disinfection is the right first step, which will not only help protect employee health, but also prevent the virus from entering offices. Clean Group is doing its part by providing local Sydney businesses with world-class COVID cleaning and disinfection services at affordable prices.

Offices and other commercial property owners in Sydney looking for reliable and inexpensive COVID cleaning services can contact Clean Group for a free quote.

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