Paychecks delayed for staff of Maury County Schools’ Summer learning program


COLUMBIA, Tenn. (WTVF) – It was money earmarked for teachers helping kids battle learning loss this Summer after months of virtual learning, but some Maury County School teachers still haven’t been paid for their work helping students during a summer enrichment program.

Maury County schools says they’ve been dealing with a problem getting all their staff in the summer enrichment program paid at the same time. The school system says everyone should be caught up with pay by Friday, but the Maury County Education Association says they are concerned about what the payment delay could mean for paychecks down the road.

Stephanie Sparks-Newland, an officer with the MCEA says she started hearing about some staff hired to work for their summer enrichment program not being paid last week.

She says word started traveling on social media that while some teachers and staff with the school system were paid for their summer work, many weren’t.

The school system and finance department say the delays were caused by a miscommunication coupled with a backlog of paperwork they had to process to pay out the money.

The County finance department says they’ve finally been able to process that paperwork and checks will be issued tomorrow, nine days late.


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