Pitch Global Launches Virtual Enterprise Venture Capital (CVC) To Help Startups Attract CVC Funding and Partnerships


Accelerator offers a thought leadership series that includes a FREE event on October 8, mentorship sponsorships from U.S. government agencies, and an entrepreneurial education self-study

SAN FRANCISCO, October 06, 2021– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –Global Presentation, the premier network of investors and entrepreneurs based on live events, today announced the launch of its Enterprise Venture Capital Accelerator (CVC) to help start-up founders attract funding and CVC partnerships. The new accelerator features a thought leadership series that includes an upcoming event on October 8, mentorship sponsorships from U.S. government agencies, and entrepreneurial education self-learning.

Pitch Global’s October 8 event titled How Founders Can Partner With CVCs features prominent speakers such as Andrew Maywah, Chief Investment Officer at TDK Ventures, and Hee Suk Jung of Korea Group SK, which has made several investments of over $ 1 billion in recent years. Another speaker – Russell Jones, CEO and co-founder of Cargo Chief – will present the entrepreneur’s perspective. Cargo Chief has just completed a Series A funding round and has been a successful member of the mentorship program funded by the U.S. government agency Pitch Global.

“Most entrepreneurs don’t look at CVCs because the popular perception is that they invest in later stages. However, it is increasingly common for CVCs to invest in earlier stages,” Kaustav said “KC” Chaudhuri, founder of Pitch Global and Entrepreneur in Residence. “As a result, Pitch Global has made major pivots to highlight HVAC at our events and has attracted names like United Health, J&J Ventures, Samsung, TDK Ventures, Shell Ventures, National Grid, SK Group, Banco Santander, Maersk and many others. “

Pitch Global CVC Co-hosted Thought Leadership Series

The thought leadership series co-hosted by CVC of Pitch Global was launched earlier this year in association with Andrew Maywah, chief investment officer of TDK Ventures, a startup investment firm. Maywah is a former member of MIT and Wharton and was a VC in China before moving to Silicon Valley and becoming an investor with TDK Ventures. In the first session, the speakers collectively dispelled the idea that CVCs only invest in late stage companies. During the second session, Maywah and guest CVC Nathan Pascarella from Hypertherm Ventures shared their ideas on how founders at all levels can attract CVCs. For the next session on October 8, Pitch Global’s CVC co-organizers will take this education a step further with information on how founders at all levels can partner with CVCs that could lead to funding. .

Register FREE for the October 8 event: “How Founders Can Partner with CVCs”

Sponsored by SKC, Inc., a Los Angeles-based marketing and public relations agency, “How Founders Can Partner With CVCs” will take place this Friday, October 8 at 9 a.m. PDT. To register or to learn more about the FREE event, please visit this Eventbrite connect. Pitch Global is also sponsored by Trinette, the industry’s leading PEO firm.

Accelerator Intensifies U.S. Government Agency Mentorship Sponsorships and Entrepreneurial Education Self-Study

Pitch Global will provide startup founders with CVC funding and mentoring opportunities as well as opportunities to participate in their U.S. government agency funded mentorship program if they have a location in Northern California. The founders’ training will be a combination of CVC thought leadership events primarily co-hosted by CVCs, video recordings of live events, and entrepreneurial education self-learning powered by BOSS Capital Partners via the Pitch Global dedicated next connect.

To date, Pitch Global has successfully mentored 10 companies through its U.S. government agency funded mentorship program based in Northern California and helped raise at least $ 1 million each out of a total of $ 50 million. dollars in the last calendar year. These 10 companies will become founding members and selected founders will also be invited to become founding members. Sponsorship opportunities will be available for CVCs and other investors.

About Pitch Global

Pitch Global – where innovation creates finance – hosts events and top investor summits in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, London and virtually. For nearly a decade, Pitch Global has provided a ready and extensive network for CVCs, VCs and reputable fund angel investors, and has helped connect investors and thousands of global entrepreneurs, many of whom have introductions to. leads to fundraising successes. Pitch Global is also a satellite of an SBA affiliated agency sponsored by the US government to mentor startups with potential for job creation. Since Pitch Global’s participation, this mentoring program has doubled its total aid to Northern California from $ 500 million in 2020 to $ 1 billion. Many companies that have presented at Pitch Global events or have been mentored by their EIRs have received funding – not just angel or venture capital funding, but also non-dilutive like LOCs and government grants. https://pitchglobal.com/

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