Savioke announces Relay +, a next-generation service robot for hotels, offices and catering operations

Relay + dramatically reduces robot cost and deployment time, enabling customers to quickly supplement their staff, increase revenue and reduce costs

CAMPBELL, Calif., December 14, 2021– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Today, Savioke announced Relay +, a next-generation service robot that brings unique benefits to hotel and office building owners / operators, food service operators, hospitals and healthcare organizations. Relay +:

  • Perfectly complements staff in these times of labor shortages, allowing existing staff to focus on the enjoyment of guests, customers and employees.

  • Increase revenue by meeting and capitalizing on today’s growing demands for personalized delivery.

  • Eliminate pre-deployment obstacles with the new ‘Quick Install’ feature, allowing the robot to start working in days.

  • Save money by operating reliably and consistently 24x7x365 at low cost.

  • Offers a choice of three configurable payloads.

“Relay + is a game-changer in service automation,” said Bill Booth, vice president of sales and marketing at Savioke. “With its configurable payloads and quick setup capabilities, these robots can be quickly integrated into real estate operations and put to work quickly, generating revenue benefits for clients. “

Relay + helps meet the challenges of the service industry

In the wake of a global hotel industry workforce shortage of more than 1.4 million unfilled vacancies from pre-pandemic levels, Relay + is filling the shortage by offloading staff with room service and housekeeping duties, allowing them to fully focus on customer service, improving their experience and satisfaction. The robots are designed to operate safely in crowded public environments, performing their delivery tasks reliably and efficiently.

Also, as customers start to travel more and office workers return to work, they expect more delivery services. Hotels, offices and food delivery services can capitalize on this demand and thereby increase their income, at low cost, by using robots to perform these errands. Several Relay customers have seen revenues from room and office delivery services double or even triple due to the increased demand and the ease with which Relay + can deliver goods. And, of course, Relay + is perfect for contactless room service deliveries during lingering fears about COVID-19.

What’s new with Relay + service robots

Relay + capitalizes on Savioke’s 8+ years of experience operating hotels, office buildings and hospitals around the world. Relay + ‘s fully autonomous’ autonomous driving’ capability enables it to operate safely and efficiently in crowded public environments. New to Relay + is a unique and powerful ability to drive elevators completely autonomously without the need for expensive elevator integration. This “quick setup” capability allows robots to be fully operational, generate revenue, reduce costs, and delight guests – in days rather than months.

Additionally, Relay + can be manufactured with a choice of three payload configurations:

  • Relay +1 provides a single lockable bin capable of carrying parcels, food delivery bags and larger items.

  • Relay + 4 offers 4 individually addressable drawers capable of efficiently serving take out food.

  • Relay + S provides open shelving that can be configured according to a customer’s needs.

Among these configurations, the first two include lockable bins accessible by PIN code or badge, thus preserving the security of the payload, the chain of custody and user peace of mind in the integrity of their deliveries.

“Service robots are increasingly common in the hotel and restaurant industries,” says Steve Cousins, CEO and founder of Savioke. “Our safe and efficient robots have made more than 850,000 deliveries since 2014. In addition, they can work 24/7, only need to be trained once, allow service personnel to spend more time with customers and increase employee job satisfaction. “

What customers are saying

“Our Relay ‘Alfred’ and ‘Geoffrey’ service robots assist with monotonous daily chores, improving our ability to deliver snacks, food, drinks, napkins and a wide range of items. Most importantly, our robots bring joy to our customers, while improving the customer experience and increasing overall satisfaction. “
– Vaughn Davis, Managing Director of Dream Hollywood

“Our Relay service robot (Botlr) is not just new. It cuts room service time by up to 80%, makes our jobs easier – and doesn’t take tips.”
– Jason Ransom, Managing Director, Aloft Silicon Valley, Newark, CA

“Relay has boosted customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and contributed to higher occupancy rates which means we can hire more people. together.”
– Tom Beedon, Former General Manager, The Residence Inn by Marriott LAX

About Savioke

Founded in 2014, Savioke is committed to measurably improving people’s lives. We provide simple, sophisticated and autonomous service robots that operate in a safe, secure, reliable and contactless manner in human environments. To date, Savioke’s state-of-the-art robots have made hundreds of thousands of deliveries around the world and handle an increasing variety of tasks in hospitality, healthcare, foodservice and office environments.

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