Thanks to this partnership with the dallas-historically based Black College and University, the carrier continues to champion academic success for all

DALLAS, October 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Southwest Airlines Co. (NYSE: LUV) announces a partnership with Paul Quinn College to become the College’s official airline and a member of the school’s renowned Urban Work College program. South West Airlines® has long believed that educated communities are self-reliant communities and continues to invest in workforce development programs that introduce students to the diverse career opportunities in the aviation industry.

Paul Quinn is the first Urban Labor College and the only federally recognized, minority-serving labor college in America. The program, which began in 2015, offers students the opportunity to gain real-world work experience while limiting their reliance on student loans.

“This is a wonderful moment in the history of the Quinnite nation,” said Dr. Michael J. Sorrell, president of Paul Quinn College. “We are thrilled with our partnership with Southwest Airlines which goes far beyond discount tickets and feel-good moments. It is substantive and focused. In addition to meeting the travel needs of our students and staff , our relationship will result in employment opportunities for our students, learning opportunities for the two high schools on our campus, and the potential for a very unique academic program.Paul Quinn the alliance will be special.”

Southwest Airlines, becoming the official airline of Paul Quinn College and the school’s first corporate work program airline, invests in the school to promote diverse academic paths, ultimately inspiring future generations to pursue careers in aviation. This strategic partnership comes at a time when it is imperative for the airline industry to attract and hire more diverse talent into its workforce.

The Company is committed to building resilient communities through partnerships that have economic, social and environmental impact. The partnership between Southwest Airlines and the Paul Quinn Corporate Work Program will include paid internships dedicated specifically to college students as well as continuing education opportunities. Students selected for an internship in the South West will have the opportunity to work in vital areas of the business, such as the airline’s world-class network operations control center, which functions as the nerve center of day-to-day operations of the airline, as well as the finance department which oversees budgeting. and business forecasts.

“We are inspired by the work that is in motion at by Paul Quinn Urban Work College Program, which aligns with our commitment to developing programs that meet the needs of our diverse communities,” said Laura Nieto, Director of Community Outreach for Southwest Airlines. “We look forward to providing an educational experience for Paul Quinn students and I hope they will develop a passion and interest in the aviation industry.”

“I’m so excited! Transportation is such a big deal for many of our students – myself included. A partnership like this, which invests in us and allows us to peek behind the veil of one of the greatest companies in the world is simply remarkable,” said Ericka Drinker, a student at Paul Quinn College.

Whether in the air or on the ground, Southwest believes that community is more than a place, it is at the heart of what brings us together. To learn more about our community outreach efforts, visit

Southwest Airlines Co. operates one of the world’s most admired and awarded airlines, delivering its unique value and hospitality at 121 airports in 11 countries. After celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2021, Southwest took flight in 1971 to democratize the skies through friendly, reliable and inexpensive air travel and now carries more air travelers flying nonstop within the interior. United States than any other airline1. Situated at dallas and famous for its employee-focused corporate culture, Southwest maintains an all-time high for furloughs or involuntary layoffs in its history. By empowering its more than 62,0002People to deliver unparalleled hospitality, the maverick airline cherishes a passionate loyalty among no less than 130 million customers flown annually. This formula for success has brought industry-leading prosperity and 47 consecutive years3profitability for Southwest Shareholders (NYSE: LUV). Southwest draws on a unique heritage and mission to serve communities around the world, including harnessing the power of its people and purpose to put communities at the heart of its success. Learn more by visiting Southwest also continues to develop concrete steps to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, including offering customers the opportunity to help the airline offset its carbon emissions. To be part of the solution, visit

1) Most recent U.S. Department of Transportation report of domestic passengers embarked
2) Active full-time equivalent employees
3) Annual profitability 1973-2019

SOURCE Southwest Airlines Co.

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