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The virtual pharmacy made easy; MyEasyDose

The virtual pharmacy made easy; MyEasyDose

The virtual pharmacy made easy; MyEasyDose

The virtual pharmacy made easy; MyEasyDose

Windsor, Ontario, July 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Sunshine Drugs has expanded its patient support options to now deliver a true virtual pharmacy experience to Already a leader in online prescription and packaging solutions and management, My Easy Dose now allows patients to meet their pharmacist online at their convenience through a secure and easy-to-use virtual video experience.

“MyEasyDose has always made it possible for our patients to skip the lines with our free shipping,” said CEO and Founder Frank Murgic, “and the addition of the Virtual Pharmacy has made it even easier for patients to receive our best care, and for us as your pharmacy to help you achieve your health goals, so that we can help you achieve the bright side of wellness. The virtual pharmacy service has greatly benefited people who prefer to stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, people in remote areas, and increased pharmacy access for the elderly / caregivers. Patients looking for a “pharmacy near me” or “pharmacy delivery” now have access to a pharmacy team from the comfort of their own homes. MyEasyDose currently serves residents of Ontario and Canada and is looking to expand this reach in the near future.

The new online virtual pharmacist service gives patients three choices to speak directly with our licensed pharmacists from the comfort and convenience of their home. Patients can visit to choose whether they want an immediate consultation with the pharmacist, or to schedule a phone or video consultation at their convenience. The consultation is performed using simple and secure Internet video technology that allows family members and / or physicians to be involved if desired.

The virtual pharmacy made easy; MyEasyDose

The addition of the virtual pharmacy continues a story of innovation for MyEasyDose, following the launch of its signature MED pack in 2015, an optional program that sorts medications and supplements for the patient or their loved one by dose in time-stamped packaging. This packaging system guarantees 99.9% accuracy when sorting medications and gives patients the peace of mind that they are receiving the right medication at the right time at no additional cost.

MyEasyDose works closely with patients, not only during automated refills or MedsChecks, but also whenever they have questions about their medication or their health. Pharmacists regularly review patients’ prescription drugs and supplements to make sure everything is being optimized and in line with their health goals, and will even help them, if possible, dispose of their prescription. medications. We perform the transfer of prescriptions, and during automated filling, we will add any necessary over-the-counter items to be included in the free patient delivery.

Frank Murgic recently spoke with the CHCH Morning News team to discuss the importance of sticking to prescribed medication schedules and how guides patients to the best side of well-being.

You can watch the CHCH interview at

A part of Sun medications Ltd., MyEasyDose is one of 16 pharmacies operating in Ontario. Founder and President Frank Murgic opened his first pharmacy in 1992, and with his patient-centric and personal care approach applied throughout the chain, Sunshine Drugs Pharmacies have become a trusted advocate for healthcare in the communities they serve. Providing our full range of pharmacy services through a virtual pharmacy brings our next level of service to a larger community, empowering patients to receive the best care from the comfort and convenience of their own homes. On the bright side of well-being.

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