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The recipients of the 2021 Outstanding Administrative Service Awards are (left to right): Joan Schnur, Katie Brown, Jeannette Guziec, Elizabeth Goblirsch and Steve Gromala.

The 2021 Outstanding Administrative Service Awards were presented to five employees of the State University of New York at Fredonia, whose collective service spans over 60 years, and to all major departments in the Finance and Administration division. .

The awards recognize the exemplary service that employees render to campus.

Vice President of Finance and Administration Michael Metzger told the recipients: “Thank you for your resilience and dedication during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a university, we continued to educate, house and feed our students to complete the fall semester 2020. An even higher achievement was that we were able to have a full semester in the spring of 2021. Every year I have have the privilege of rewarding the best.

Criteria for the award, now in its 19th year, include: exceptional service attitude to Fredonia; creativity and ingenuity in improving services; demonstrated a team effort in daily actions and a positive attitude in relations with students, faculty and staff.

The award recipients include:

¯ Joan Schnur, secretary / clerk, has been working at Fredonia since September 2010. She is currently office assistant 1 in the purchasing department. SchnurJoan is a resident of Dunkirk.

¯ Katie Brown, Professional Staff of the Faculty Students Association (FSA) and Director of Retail Operations for the bookstore, has been employed at Fredonia since January 2006. Brown is a resident of Fredonia.

¯ Jeannette Guziec, from the Operational Services of the Faculty Students Association (FSA), is currently a 6th year assistant cook at Cranston Marche. She started her career at FSA in December 2010 as a part-time service assistant, then promoted to Grill Cook full time in 2018. Guziec lives in Dunkirk.

¯ Elizabeth Goblirsch, concierge at Custodial Services, who started her career at Fredonia in February 2011 as a housekeeper. Goblirsch lives in Dunkirk.

¯ Steve Gromala, grade 12 maintenance and repair mechanic in automotive and fleet services, who started his career at Fredonia in January 2009 as a garage maintenance helper. During this time Steve was also promoted to Road Equipment Operator and Maintenance Assistant. Gromala lives in Dunkirk.

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