Taiwan Circular Economy Pavilion Engages with International Visitors at IGEM Virtual, As Recycling Economy Gains Popularity


TAIPEI, October 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – According to research by global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company, the circular economy is expected to create an annual economic benefit of € 1,800 billion globally by 2030. from Taiwan The circular economy is also part of the island’s ‘Industry Five Plus Two Innovation Plan’, while the prowess of the industry players involved should not be underestimated. This year, the Plastics Industry Development Center hosted a delegation to participate in the International Greentech & Eco Products Exhibition & Conference Malaysia (IGEM), exhibiting items ranging from home accessories to household products, green building materials, medical materials and tissues, to present the scope and range of from Taiwan the circular economy in all its aspects.

Taiwan Circular Economy Pavilion in IGEM Virtual 2021

IGEM is the largest circular economy fair in the ASEAN market. Since last year, the event has been taking place online. At the Circular Economy Taiwan pavilion, Taiwanese exhibitors and associated collaborative project teams, including Sou Pi, Jing Tay Cement, Somnics, MACROHI CO., LTD., MaiMai, Fonchang Enterprise, Jing Dong Landscape, Blue Ocean Vision, Eastem Plastic Enterprise and Junmay, presented a range of from Taiwan green and sustainable technologies and products, including waterjet technology for recycling used and discarded tires, pomelo mining products and technologies; containers made from recycled plastic, plastic floor coverings mixed with wood, shampoo bottles and jars, cultural and creative goods made from discarded stone dust, thermal insulation tiles containing a suspension of ceramic particles and portable respirators. The variety of exhibitions and applications shows the innovative capabilities of from Taiwan industry players.

Exhibitors at the Circular Economy Taiwan Pavilion also plan to exhibit the achievements of the Sustainable Materials Library (SML). The library, established in 2020, features seven categories of sustainable materials: plastics, fibers, rubber, metals, minerals, natural materials and others. The database will seize the opportunity to be on display at this international exhibition with an online material matching platform that will give manufacturers around the world looking to develop high quality exquisite products access to a wide range. sustainable materials of Taiwan, with the ultimate aim of improving the international reputation of from Taiwan circular economy.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led many people to reinvent the relationship between humans and the environment, taking a big step towards a sustainable lifestyle to become a universal value. As a result, innovation in the global manufacturing sector due to the rise of a circular economy is a trend that has become inevitable. The Taiwan Circular Economy Pavilion gave players in the island’s industry the opportunity to transcend the boundaries created by the pandemic, engage with international visitors, and start conversations that can lead to new companies and new projects driven by the international circular economy through a virtual exhibition that is not limited by time and space.

IGEM Virtual 2021: virtual.igem.my

SOURCE Plastics Industry Development Center


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