This Christmas especially, let’s support our neighbors

The holidays are always a special time of year to join friends and family, give thanks, and create new, cherished memories. But for many families, this year is particularly difficult. Hard-working Americans across the country are struggling to make ends meet. That’s why the Republican National Committee and so many others are giving back to communities this season.

At every turn of the past year, Americans have faced obstacles. Prices are on the rise for almost everything, be it gasoline, groceries or gifts. Consumer prices rose 6.8% last month, the largest annual increase in more than 39 years. As prices continue to rise, real wages have fallen 2.3%. In fact, 71 percent of households earning less than $ 40,000 have experienced financial difficulties due to inflation. To make matters worse, a supply chain crisis is emptying store shelves across the country. Much of this is fueled by a labor shortage created by the pandemic policies of Democrats who paid people not to return to work.

But these problems don’t just hit families. They also affect charities that are dedicated to helping them. Family Giving Tree, a California-based nonprofit, says it has been difficult to find the toys they need for their gift drives. Other charities that serve children in need say they lack electronics like laptops and video games as the supply chain crisis makes these items increasingly difficult to find. Millions of toys that should be placed under the tree are stranded off the coast of California and likely won’t be delivered until after Christmas.

Meanwhile, food banks face the harsh reality of rising prices. A San Francisco Bay Area charity says it spends an additional $ 60,000 each month on food and pays more to distribute less to those in need. Of course, that’s if they can even get the food to donate: grocery stores are scarce and donations are slow.

Stories like these show how bad economic policies have real consequences for everyday Americans, which is why the RNC is doing everything possible to bridge the gap. From coast to coast, RNC staff strive to organize charitable events in preparation for the vacation.

Last week we organized a toy player at our Pennsylvania state headquarters, where volunteers helped collect toys from donors across Keystone state and brought them to the local Toys for Tots center. In Laredo, Texas, the RNC hosted a carnival and toy drive to benefit Save the Children. In Georgia, our College Park Black American Community Center collected and packaged 600 pounds of non-perishable food, which was delivered to the Atlanta Community Food Bank. In Maine, residents drove cars full of goods to the state’s GOP headquarters to collect food for the benefit of the Augusta food bank. And in Florida, volunteers at the RNC’s Hispanic Community Center have gathered care packages and written letters for U.S. troops overseas, many of whom will be away from their families this Christmas.

Without a doubt, Americans help each other in difficult times. Our nation’s unique spirit of compassion and camaraderie is one of the most beautiful things about America, and there’s no better time to show it than on vacation. In the spirit of giving – and in the spirit of the Christmas season – I encourage those who can afford to join us in our efforts to help our neighbors this holiday season.

The world is tired. This Christmas, we are grateful for the opportunity to help raise the spirits of our neighbors a little bit brighter.

Ronna Mcdaniel is president of the Republican National Committee. Follow her on Twitter @GOPChairwoman.

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