Trump’s big lie about 2020 results takes legal and political blows in major swing states

Eric Bradner, CNN

It’s been a bad week Big Lie – – Former President Donald Trump And his ally’s false claim is that the widespread fraud is due to his defeat in the 2020 election.

In a state of fierce battle, a Republican senator released a report exposing Trump’s lies about a fraudulent election. another, the judge failed to convince Trump supporters. Examine nearly 150,000 mail-in ballots. And one of Trump’s closest allies, Rudy Giuliani, Stops practicing law in New York City.

Trump and his conspiratorial supporters eagerly awaited the findings of a question-ridden audit of Maricopa County in Arizona, but despite the final report, the election has already been approved. Therefore, it will not affect the 2020 election results. Trump repeated his electoral lies at a rally in Ohio on Saturday night.

In Michigan, the Republican-led state Senate oversight committee said: “There was no evidence of widespread or systematic fraud,” the state said in the 2020 election on Wednesday. report contained a bitter rebuke of lies about the fraudulent vote pushed by Trump and his supporters.

A committee chaired by Republican Senator Ed McBroom said in a report: “Our clear findings represent the true outcome of the votes cast by the people of Michigan. You have to be convinced. “The Commission strongly recommends that citizens use their critical eyes and ears towards those who have pushed for seemingly bogus theories for their own personal gain. “

Then, on Thursday, in Georgia, the judge dismissed most of the proceedings alleging that fraudulent ballots were thrown in Fulton County, the state’s largest county, in last year’s election. Face-to-face inspection of approximately 150,000 mailed ballots using a powerful microscope.

The judge dismissed seven of the nine cases against Fulton County authorities and only allowed the plaintiffs’ requests for digital images of the ballots under the state’s Public Registration Act. Biden has won the state with 12,000 votes and Georgian authorities have already audited the 2020 results three times.

“Last year I told President Trump and others who have pushed big lies to ‘put up or stay silent’. Six months have passed and no evidence of fraud has been established. Rob Pitts, chairman of the Fulton County Commission, said in a statement.

On the same day, Giuliani, Trump’s private lawyer and one of Trump’s closest allies who lied about the 2020 election, stops practicing law, according to the New York Court of Appeals, which found that ‘she had made “apparently false and misleading statements” about the 2020 election.

In a decision issued following the disciplinary proceedings, the court said that Giuliani, a former US attorney in Manhattan, “in his capacity as a former attorney, made a statement which was clearly false and misleading to the court, legislators and the general public. “” There is compelling evidence, “said President Donald J. Trump and a Trump campaign linked to Trump’s unsuccessful efforts in the 2020 re-election.”

Giuliani’s actions immediately threaten the public interest and justify a temporary suspension of legal affairs, ”the court wrote.

Trump opposed actions to challenge his lies about the 2020 election. He attacked political opponents in front of a crowd in Ohio who claimed “Trump won” on Saturday, and issued a more false statement on Saturday. last week.

Targeting McBroom, Mich., And Republican Leader Mike Shirkey, he included the phone numbers of the two senators in a statement that read:

In another statement, He complained about Georgia’s trial to the Justice Department. Georgians must sue the state and its elected officials for conducting fraudulent and fraudulent presidential elections in 2020 and attempting to restrict U.S. votes from Georgia. “

Regarding Giuliani, he said: “New York has fought against what has already turned out to be a fraudulent election and wants to withdraw his legal license from the great American patriot Rudy Giuliani. “

Arizona Audit Summary

Another big moment could come from the result of a so-called audit conducted by a Florida-based company Cyber ​​Ninja commissioned by Republicans in the State Senate and with no audit experience. elections. On social networks – will be published.

The audit’s Twitter account tweeted Friday evening that “inspections and paper counts are completed today.” According to Arizona audit spokesman Randy Pouren, the hand counts for individuals contemplating two races, the 2020 presidential election and the US Senate election, ended a few days ago.

However, Republicans in the Arizona Senate have not indicated when their report will be released.

“Everyone is worried about the results! Trump said in a statement Wednesday.

But that was another mistake.

Trump’s most enthusiastic supporters are awaiting a report on the results of the audit – which will first be given to Republicans in the state Senate, then decide how to announce it.

However, Arizona election and audit experts and minute watchers have repeatedly stated that the cyber ninja method has serious flaws that can easily lead to errors in the final tally. I go. Because of these issues, the audit results come from Trump supporters rather than documents taken seriously outside of the “Stop Stealing” movement, a rallying cry adopted by Trump and his supporters. It is more likely to be used as a promotional tool.

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbes, a Democrat running for governor, maintains a list of issues spotted by observers on the grounds of the Phoenix Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

Recent updates include the “insecure cybersecurity practices” used by cyberninjas. Lost ballot; Hobbes’ document “violates the agreement and casts doubt on the reliability and completeness of all county records,” an audit written directly on the original tag of the Maricopa County ballot box. Man.

The Ministry of Justice covers Georgian law

Court battles and audits are just a front line in the ongoing conflict over the 2020 election. In Republican-led states including Florida, Georgia and Iowa, lawmakers and GOP governors have already enacted new legislation that makes voting more difficult. Republicans in Michigan, Arizona, Texas and other states are also pursuing a restrictive vote.

President Joe Biden’s Justice Department told Sue Georgia on Friday of the new restrictive voting method.

State law imposes new voter identification requirements on mail ballots, allows state authorities to take over local election committees, restricts the use of ballot boxes, and queues for provide voters with food and water. It’s a crime.

Republicans took the necessary steps to increase confidence in the post-2020 election, and Trump has repeatedly asserted unfounded fraud, while State Democrats suppressed voters in the new law. And compared it to the voting method of the Jim Crow era.

“These legislative measures came during a period of steady growth in Georgia’s black population and in particular mail-order votes following historic elections with record turnout throughout the state. Kristen Clark, head of the Civil Rights Department of the Legislative Department, told a press conference: “Our complaint was passed to deny or shorten equal access to the political process for black citizens. For this reason, I challenge some of the provisions of SB202. “

Republican Gov. Brian Kemp issued a rebel statement in response to the ministry’s announcement, saying the proceedings were “born out of lies and false information that the Biden administration had opposed Georgia’s integrity law. elections from the start. “.

“Arm the US Department of Justice to carry out a far-left agenda that undermines the integrity of the elections and reinforces the federal democratic hype,” Kemp accused.

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Trump’s 2020 earnings lie takes legal and political blows in major swing states Source link Trump’s 2020 earnings lie takes legal and political blows in major swing states

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