Vaccine mandates for employees loom at some casino properties

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – Friday is the deadline for some casino workers at a few large Las Vegas resorts. Show up vaccinated or do not show up at all.

It is the policy of MGM Resorts and Westgate for non-union employees or most employees.

Financial analyst Steve Budin says we’ll have to wait and see what the impact is. “Only time will tell how effective or how disruptive these policies can be,” he said.

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MGM says all salaried employees who don’t work exclusively from home will need to be vaccinated and the company will review its effects after Friday’s deadline.

Westgate says its mandate is working. The facility said in a statement that 98% of team members due for vaccination had successfully been vaccinated. Derogations are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Budin says such a high percentage could motivate others to get vaccinated.

“This could put pressure on some employees to get vaccinated. Be careful what you want. You don’t show up for work, the company may realize they don’t need you, ”he said.

He says if these warrants are effective, other properties could follow but it could become a double-edged sword.

“Others can copy and adapt the same kind of policies. Keep in mind that there is such a demand for workers right now that the worker might say I don’t want to get the vaccine and he might move to another property, ”he said.

On mandates for current unions and hourly workers at casino properties, the culinary union says it would require collective bargaining if this is offered.

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