We deserve the government we vote for

YOUR SAYS | “Malaysia is well on the way to perpetual mediocrity.

FBI: Najib Received $756 Million From Stolen 1MDB Funds

The Wakandan: The massive scale of this conspiracy – billions stolen from the Treasury Department’s name to fund an election war chest in 2013.

For many people, he was obviously ordained by then Prime Minister and Finance Minister Najib Abdul Razak and executed by Low Taek Jho, better known as Jho Low.

Now Najib is on trial for this, the defense of which was that he didn’t know what was going on. His star attorney thinks it’s the only viable defense, given so much that has come to light as evidence.

The defense expected the judge to buy it. How could he do that if even ordinary people can clearly see that this was a big national heist?

And he rightly called Najib a “national embarrassment” because we seemed to be setting records for the wrong reasons – the biggest kleptocrat robbery ever and the loss of a jumbo jet without a trace.

The biggest crime other than the alleged theft itself is the flagrant violation of democracy, where illegal money was used to win elections.

Now those who are wondering why people would accept this – that these are the same people who won the elections with these sums. How could they not want what they had earned?

OrangeKoala1303: The sickening part is that the vast number of Malaysians don’t seem to care. As long as they get a free oil change, free TV, RM200, BR1M, etc., they’re happy to pick up scraps that fall off the thieves’ table.

Malaysia is well on the way to perpetual mediocrity. Corruption and lies are just the way things are done here. I am not pessimistic. Just realistic.

Business first: We deserve the government we vote for.

Those who prioritize short-term gain for a few days of celebration with food and beer (in Sarawak and Sabah) and some RM200 every five years during the election period, and vote for GPS, GRS, BN , etc., will not prosper.

They will be stuck where they are, begging for crumbs, struggling to get minimum wage or a job, being exploited, etc.

Meanwhile, in Norway, which discovered oil around the same time as Malaysia, every citizen is instantly born a millionaire (thanks to a massive fund into which the surplus wealth produced by Norwegian oil revenues is deposited).

One country is reverting to a failed state and another is moving forward to prepare its citizens for the digital age.

IndigoJaguar7545: You see, a competent opposition would have taken revelations like this and educated people on:

But no, we don’t get any. Instead, we get apologies.

FairMind: Najib would receive $756 million (RM3.18 billion) and Jho Low $1.42 billion (RM5.97 billion) from 1MDB funds.

We heard that Low spent his money on entertainment, gifts, gambling, buying a yacht, properties and assets. A part was confiscated or frozen. Part was sent back to Malaysia.

The question no one has asked so far – where is the money Najib kept? Why is he still allowed to keep these crazy sums?

BlueFish0451: Jho Low would therefore have stolen 1.42 billion US dollars. Did he hold it in the name of his Bossku?

Najib repaid US$620 million to accounts controlled by Low. Isn’t it obvious that Najib was faking the return so the money could be kept by Low on his behalf?

Either way, Malaysians deserve to be ripped off. The more the better because the louder they will shout for “Bossku”.

Koel: There seems to be a discrepancy between the FBI figures on what Najib allegedly took versus the figures released by our “investigators”.

And Low took twice as much. And foreigners also used picking. Malaysians better watch these numbers carefully.

These figures all show why taxpayers are taxed more. This is why public education and health care have no money to improve. This is why food prices are rising. This is why energy costs are rising.

Basically, the government has no money. And that’s because it appears the ex-Prime Minister reached out his dirty hand to help himself and then allowed a group of foreigners to also steal money belonging to hard-working Malaysians.

This is what the Johorian voters have now allowed. Good luck to these people. Save your money when the next 1MDB starts. Your children will thank you.

GreyDove8171: The rakyat who voted for BN in the hope of “peace and prosperity” are lying to themselves. I would have more empathy for them if 1MDB issues were never brought up – because then we can say Malaysians are really cheated.

But with so much evidence, witnesses and the money trail, the fact that there are still so many Malaysians who worship Bossku shows that we are already a failed nation full of ignorant and selfish fools who are disappointed in their own choice.

Billy the Goat: This news must be passed on to all the voters who chose ‘Bossku’ in the recent national elections and to a number of my fellow Chinese Malaysians who have consistently said that he did a lot for the people when he led the government of this country.

How irrational and silly some Malaysians can be!

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