Your Funds: This Holiday Season, Count Your Financial Blessings | Economic news

This is because the circumstances that prevent my family from coming together for this holiday are not forever, so no matter how big the national and global concerns are, the next chance to be with my loved ones will be late and awe-inspiring.

Live long enough and you will survive corrections, recessions, bear markets and more; do not allow these worries to take away the joy of living.

Regardless of your political affiliations, it’s hard to feel that our government is a blessing these days. There are divisions and conflicts and real concerns for the future. And yet, during the pandemic, political supporters managed to come together to craft public aid packages that have helped virtually everyone in one way or another.

While I am one of the people who could have done it without the economic stimulus checks, I know countless people whose financial strains have been eased and many entrepreneurs who would have lost their businesses without the P3 loans.

I am grateful to live in a place where the government can overcome its flaws and imperfections to help those in need, and not bring down the millions of people damaged by the circumstances of the pandemic in utter despair.

Yes, it is easy to find arguments against political leaders and to point out the imperfections of the actions they have taken since March 2020, but at this time of year it is not wrong to focus on the positive and to recognize that there are incredible things that can still be done. when both parties find common ground.

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